Zombies Cup 2018


As winter time and cold days draw near, and with them the end of this year’s season of Lacrosse, everybody is planning their travels for the next year as well as tournaments they would like to visit either on their own or with a team. With this in mind, we have decided to open registrations for the new edition of Zombies Cup – one of the largest field Lacrosse tournaments in this part of Europe, played each year in Belgrade, Serbia.

Ever since we started organizing this tournament, we had the idea of offering a quality (FIFA licensed) field, to schedule it when the weather is just perfect for Lacrosse, to both foster growth by providing more opportunities for clubs to play matches and to raise the quality of teams and matches at the same time. Not to mention the appeal of our city as a growing tourist hotspot, with vibrant night life, reasonable prices, beautiful architecture and buzzing lifestyle (seriously, where else can you find city streets buzzing with life a bit less than 24 hours a day, especially so on weekends?). Use the opportunity to visit a city inhabited since the ancient times, overflowing with history and welcoming people always willing to help you see the best our city has to offer.

Belgrade Zombies are the first and largest Lacrosse club in Serbia, working tirelessly on growing our sport of Lacrosse in our country. Majority of its players make up the bulk of the Serbian National Box Lacrosse Team, with experience of playing at World and European Championships, fostering sportsmanship and friendship between members of our international family of Lacrosse players and fans.

We can’t wait to welcome you and host you during April 13-15, 2018 weekend for the Zombies Cup tournament, whether you are coming for the first time or if you are an old friend who already visited us and played Lacrosse with or against us. This year we are expecting a strong showing of teams from across Europe and hopefully other parts of the world as well, so register early to make sure you don’t miss this memorable experience.


Sticks Up and Let Us Grow the Game Together,

Belgrade Zombies

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